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Allen Dunn of North Ireland Immigrated Northumberland county, PA. He married Elizabeth Hamilton 1 January 1789. Allen died 31 January 1838 and buried at Rocky Springs Cemetery, Sandy Lake twp; Mercer County, PA. About 1804 his family migrated to Mercer County, PA and settled near Sandy Lake. He built a cabin and cleared the land. He was one of the organizers of Rocky Spring Associate Presbyterian church, He served as sheriff of Mercer county from 1821 to 1824 and other offices.


I, Allen Dunn in a low state of health do arrange my affairs in the following manner. First after all my Just Debts is Paid. I leave to My be loved wife hir bead and beading so as to make her comfortable with the one half of all the dresser and kitchen furniture also one cow to be ddisposed of at her Death as she thinks proper. The rest of the furniter I leave to my Daugter Margaret with all the rest of the bead and beading with one cow exclusive of what she is to get from William Porter with a small righting desk to be disposed of at her death as she thinks proper. Also to my beloved wife and five daughters each a black muslin dress. Also to my Sun allen I give … that mare I gave his and one dollar to be his part in ful. The wind mill harrow logchain cutting box and the horsgears I leave to William Porter. The twenty five acres of land that I reserved in agreement between William Porter and me. I leave to my nephew John Mc Clurg if he comes after it and if not to sold. I also leave ten dollars to rais a Pulpit in Rockyspring meeting house also one Bibel to grandson Allen Russel. The remaider of my property one grey horse one set of survey instruments with all the apparatus belong there one rifle gun one silver watch one paper desk with all the rest of my personal property to be taken and disposed of as to the best advantage at publick or private sail under the control of my sun Robert Dunn and my sun in law John Mc Cracken who is authorized to do the same the proceeds of thes sale to be divided equally among the rest of my children. Witness my hand and seal as my last will and testament, November 22, 1837. Allen Dunn (Seal)
I allow William Porter to have the wagon at twenty dollars if he wants it. All the propery that was … to be Margarets shall remain hirs.

The known children of Allen Dunn and Elizabeth Hamilton are:

a. Mary Dunn was born 31 October 1789 in PA. Mary married John Mc Cracken April 1813. She died 14 September 1848.

b. Margaret Dunn was born 15 September 1791 in Mercer, PA. July 25, 1850 she was living with William and Ellen Porter. Margaret died 28 August 1850. Margaret was buried at Rocky Springs Cemetery, Sandy Lake twp., Mercer, PA.

+1. c. Francis Dunn was born 19 November 1793 in Mercer, PA. In 1850 Francis was a farmer with real estate worth $2000. He married Anne about 1823.

+2. d. Robert Dunn.

e. Elizabeth Dunn was born 23 July 1801 in Mercer, PA. Elizabeth married Alexander Russell. She died a bout 1865.

f. John Dunn was born 15 September 1804 in Mercer, PA. He died 30 July 1885 Mercer County, PA. He is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mercer, PA.

g. Eleanor Dunn was born 5 September 1808 in Mercer, PA. She married William Porter 15 December 1831. Eleanor died 21 July 1877.

h. Hannah Dunn 20 Aug 1810 in Mercer, PA. She married Allen Nelson about 1835. She died 26 September 1883.


1. Francis Dunn

2. Robert Dunn was born 8 February 1796 in Mercer, PA. He married Anna Mc Kean about 1819. Robert was an elder of Rocky Spring church. He opened the first blacksmith shop in Sandy Lake. In 1850, he was a farmer with a real estate value of $3000. Robert wrote his will on 7 June 1878. He named his children and spouse.


I, Robert Dunn of the Borough of Sandy Lake and publish this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following that is to say First. My will that my funeral expenses together with all my just debts be fully paid—Second I give …. Bequeath to all my children – viz – Allen Dunn, Martha Kerr, Elizabeth Kerr, Margret Jane Mc Colough, Mary Ann Giebner, Edward S. Dunn, Hugh Dunn and Francis Dunn- Share and share alike of all my property Real and personal. If they are all living – but of my son Hugh Dunn and and Francis Dunn are not living which is probable there if they or either of them is dead – their children to have their Fathers share or share respectively – and lastly – I nominate and appoint and constitute – Dr. E H Geibner to be the Executor of this my Will hereby void … all other Wills heretofore made by me and declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament – in …. Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 7th day of June 1878 - … sealed declared and published by the above deceased Robert Dunn for his last will and testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names. Robert Dunn (Seal) Jas Dunn

The known children of Robert Dunn and Anna Mc Kean are:

a. Allen Dunn was born 1820 in PA. He married Eliza K. Barr about 1841.

b. Hugh Dunn was born 1821 in PA. His first wife was named Jane. Then Hugh married Mary who was born 1830 in PA. Hugh was a carpenter.

c. Martha Dunn was born 1824 in PA. She married James Kerr, a farmer.

d. Elizabeth Dunn was born 1826 in PA. She married Adam Kerr, a blacksmith.

e. Hamilton Dunn was born 1829 in PA.

f. Margaret Jane Dunn was born 8 December 1830 in PA. She married Cunningham Mc Cullough about 1849. Margaret died 18 October 1904. Read the Mc Cullough chapter.

g. Mary Ann Dunn was born 1833 in PA. Mary Ann married Giebner.

h. Francis Dunn was born 1838 in PA.

i. Edward S. Dunn was born 1842 in PA.

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