Clark, C.

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One year afterward he, in connection with his brother James, went to Nevada and bought a farm called “Little Meadows,” now known as Clark’s station, on the Truckee river. He prospered in farming on the Truckee and remained there for seven years, but finally, on account of malaria, he was obliged to sell out and seek a change of climate. He decided to come to San Diego and arrived here in 1868. A few months after this he went back to Sacramento, and in company with his old bee friend, J. S. Harbison, engaged in silk culture. Their experiment, however, was not a success, owing to a disease breaking out among the silk-worms, and they gave up the business. Then, in conjunction with Mr. Harbison, he started for San Diego, bringing with them 110 hives of honey bees, arriving here November 28, 1869. From that time up to last spring Mr. Clark continued to be largely interested in bee culture, and did much to create the reputation which San Diego honey enjoys in the market of the world.

In 1876 Mr. Clark began the culture of fruit and forest trees and the making of raisins, in the Cajon valley. He owned at first 230 acres, all under cultivation. Eighty acres were in trees and vines, and the balance in grain. He was the first man in San Diego to practically demonstrate the productiveness of the soil of El Cajon for raisin culture. Cured and made the first raisins in this county in 1878. He introduced a system of sub-irrigation in his vineyard, running a continuous concrete cement pipe, with outlets at convenient distances, under ten acres. His was the only vineyard in the valley that was irrigated, and although it was not necessary the experiment was one that proved not unprofitable, as double the crops could be raised by irrigation. Mr. Clark has always shipped the largest portion of his raisins to the Eastern markets.

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