Clark, C.

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For the last two years the house of William T. Coleman & Co. has handled his crop. His raisins are pronounced by the best judges to be equal to any imported. When he first came to San Diego Mr. Clark was laughed at for bringing bees here, but before long he demonstrated the natural advantage of the county for bee culture. He was met with the same kind of encouragement when he first began growing grapes in the Cajon. Peo­ple claimed that the soil was not suited for the purpose. Mr. Clark sold out all his interests in the Cajon in December, 1886, and came to San Diego. On the 13th of April following, in company with his family, he started for an Eastern trip, and traveled all through the Eastern and Middle States, but found no place in which he could be content to live outside of San Diego County. He owns considerable real-estate in the city, and has built a beautiful residence on the corner of A and Thirteenth streets. In the first year of his residence in San Diego County Mr. Clark labored very hard and surmounted obstacles under which men of less determination would have succumbed. When, however, his orchards and his vineyards were well under way, and he began to see some of his most cherished ideas realized, he felt amply repaid for all his trials and temporary dis­appointments. Ever since his first crop of raisins they have paid him on an average of $100 per acre net. Mr. Clark also planted the first Australian blue gum forest in the county. He is constantly in the receipt of letters from all parts of the country asking information in reference to vine and bee culture.

Mr. Clark was married in 1871 to Mrs. Anna L. Corbitt. They have one child living: Edgar Franklin Clark, fourteen years of age; and have had a daughter, Florence Ida, who is now deceased.

An Illustrated history of Southern California: embracing the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange, and the peninsula of lower California, Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1890, pages 211-213

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