Clark, David

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In 1827, David's brother William sold to David 45 acres of the 100 acres deeded to William and James Clark by their father William in 1811. David paid his brother $100 for the land.

David Clark worked his land, and became prominent in his church. During the period 1835 to 1850, David Clark was one of the singing clerks or choir leaders.

David and Margaret had seven children: William Bell b. 26 Aug 1822 became owner of the farm after David's death; Samuel Hazen m. Margaret Jane Bentley and moved to Scotch Grove Iowa, where he became a leader in the Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church; John Calvin moved to Langworthy Iowa, had a family, and died at Andersonville prison during the Civil War. His children became orphans; Robert moved to Scotch Grove and had a large family, descendants of whom are living today; Elizabeth Mary moved to Scotch Grove and married John Gibson; David Newton died before the estate settlement in 1857; and Margaret Jane m. James A. Dawson in the Scotch Grove Church in 1860, and died in Kansas in 1929.

David Clark died on his farm, 31 August 1850, prior to gathering of the crops. He died intestate, and his estate was tied up in the courts until 1857. Margaret, his wife, married 2nd John Bentley, and after the estate settlement in 1857 moved with her daughter Margaret Jane to Scotch Grove Iowa where they joined the Presbyterian Church. Details of the settlement and inventory of David's estate are found in the book "200 Years of Taylors in North America", published by Gateway Press in 1986, and written by David B. Taylor.

Margaret Bell Clark Bentley joined the church in Scotch Grove on 1 November 1859. She died on 29 March 1867, and is buried in the Scotch Grove church cemetery. Her broken stone was repaired sometime in the past, and reads "Our Mother".

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