Andrews, Hugh B.

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David Sherbondy, youngest son of David, received the old homestead with log house and log barn and 175 acres, which he cleared with the aid of his sons and improved greatly, building a new house and barn as prosperity enabled him to do so. He followed general farming all his life, living to the age of seventy-nine years, and his wife, Rebecca (Leininger), was about the same age at the time of her death. She was a daughter of David Leininger. Mr. and Mrs. Sherbondy favored the U.P. Church, and he was a Democrat in his political opinions. Of their children, Elizabeth married John P. Andrews; Henry received fifty acres of land north of the homestead; David J. obtained fifty acres and the homestead buildings; Mina, deceased, was the wife of James Loutzenhiser; Laura, deceased, was the wife of John Smith; two children died in infancy and were buried on the home farm. The parents are interred in the new cemetery at Greenville.

Hugh B. Andrews was born Nov. 18, 1865, at Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa., where he attended school until ten years old. At that time he went to live in the home of his uncle, Henry Sherbondy, on a farm in Greene Township, same county, where he continued his education in the township schools and assisted on the farm, remaining there until nineteen years of age. Upon leaving the farm he served a three years’ apprenticeship to the carpenter’s trade, working for various contractors until he commended on his own account. He has had his share of important contracts in and around the city, the Henry I. Beers building, United Presbyterian Church and a number of very desirable residences being of his construction and comparing very favorable with the best work in this section. Mr. Andrews is well known in other relations, having taken an active part in city affairs, and he has the distinction of having been the first councilman ever elected there on the Prohibitionist ticket, representing the Ninth ward. He is a member of the First U.P. Church and a present trustee and fraternally he is an Odd Fellow, affiliated with Latonia Lodge, No. 1018, of Oil City, and the Encampment.

Mr. Andrews married Elizabeth Moreland, and they have one child, Ralph Moreland, born July 28, 1903, who is a junior in the Oil City high school.

Mrs. Andrews is a daughter of Robert Moreland, whose family has been established in Mercer County from the time of its earliest settlement. He engaged in farming during his young manhood, but while setting up the frame of a new barn in 1851 decided to go to California to try is fortune in the gold fields, starting the next day. He was absent nine years, during which time he was given up for dead by his family. His folks at home advertised for him all over the country, and were ready to sell out his property when he returned, a stranger visiting his camp in California having told him, upon learning his name, that the papers had notices regarding his disappearance. He left camp without delay and arrived home a day before the proposed sale. Continuing farming on his old property, which comprised 120 acres, he prospered, built a new house and band barn, and spent the rest of his life there, reaching the age of eighty-two years. Mr. Moreland married Mary Thompson, daughter of Hugh Thompson, of Greene Township, Mercer County, and she died many years before him, at the age of forty-five years. They are buried in Greenville cemetery. He was a Democrat and a member of the U.P. Church. Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Moreland: Frank, who died when about three years old; Austie, of Cortland, Ohio; and Emma and Elizabeth (Mrs. Andrews), twins.

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