Allen, Ambrose Montgomery - D.D.S.

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AMBROSE MONTGOMERY ALLEN, D. D. S., the skillful dental surgeon of Grove City, comes of one of the earliest and most highly respected families of Mercer county. He is the son of the venerable Samuel Allen, of East Springfield township, this county, who was born in Ireland in 1825, a son of Robert Allen, who with his family emigrated to America in 1835, and in the same year located on what is known as the “Allen Farm” in East Springfield township, Mercer county. At that date Samuel Allen was a lad of ten summers. There he grew to manhood and received a fair education in the early “district school,” and settled down in life as a farmer on land which he cultivated in an excellent manner. He married Mary Gilmore, and they together conducted the farm, he thus spending his long and useful life, he reared a highly respected family which is an honor to his name as well as to that of his faithful wife. The names of their children are here recorded: Rev. R. C., a minister of the Covenanter church, now residing in Grove City; Dr. Samuel R., of whom a more extended mention is made hereafter; Ann Jane, a promising young lady who died aged twenty-two years, in the full bloom of a beautiful young womanhood; Eliza, who died in infancy; Julia Mary, who married Robert Wilson and is now residing in Los Angeles, California; William J. C., at home; and Dr. Ambrose M. Allen, of this memoir. The family was reared on the farm and in the strict faith of the Covenanter church, to which religious body the good parents were united in early life. The father, Samuel Allen, was ardent in his zeal and support of the cause of abolition in its day, before the Civil war settled that vexed national question, and he was a powerful and convincing man in debate, in principle uncompromising, and his forensic ability won for him enviable distinction alike upon the floor of the Lyceum and the literary society of that period. In connection with the so called “Underground Railroad” be helped more than one poor slave to make good his escape to Canada, where he became his own master. He has ever been on the side of the down-trodden and oppressed and active in the great and growing cause of temperance, and now, although in his eighty-fifth year, he is an earnest advocate of the principles and doctrines of total abstinence for the individual and Prohibition for the state.

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