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CUNNINGHAM MC CULLOUGH, was born on 30 September 1824 in PA. The 1860’s find Cunningham and his family in Findley Township of Allegheny County, PA. He is a farmer with a personal estate worth $400. Cunningham married Margaret Dunn about 1849. Margaret was born on 8 December 1830 in PA.

Cunningham purchased a tract of land containing 80 acres on French Creek, Mercer Township on 15 May 1858 for $350 lawful money from and Eleanor and David Patton. On 13 March 1865 C. Mc Cullough, for $825, deeded property to R. Mears. Margaret gave dower rights to her husband.

Jeremiah Block sold property to Cunningham Mc Cullough on 12 October 1866 for $750. On the 12 July 1873 William Corney conveyed to Cunningham a tract of land for $100, “premises & appurtenances.” In addition, he purchased 120 square feet of land that was conveyed to S. A. Mc Cullough by Robert Dunn for $800 on the 26 March 1879. This deed was recorded on the 20 April 1893.

Cunningham added less than 100 acres to his holdings on 23 February 1881 for $3,000.
Margaret died on 18 October 1904 and was buried at New Lebanon Cemetery in Mercer County, PA. Cunningham preceded his wife in death on 12 June 1895.

The known children of Cunningham Mc Cullough and Margaret Dunn are:

a. Samuel A. Mc Cullough was born about 1850 in PA.

+1. b. Robert Hugh Mc Cullough.

c. Eva Mc Cullough was born about 1854 in PA.

d. William Mc Cullough was born about 1859 in PA.

e. James Mc Cullough was born about 1861 in PA.

f. Mary E. Mc Cullough was born about 1864 in PA.

g. John Mc Cullough was born about 1869 in PA.


1. ROBERT HUGH MC CULLOUGH, right, was born on 21 March 1852 in PA. Robert married Martha Baird before 13 April 1876, at the home of the bride’s parents, near Sandy Lake, Mercer County, PA. They had four children before her death on Thursday, 10 March 1887. On the 29 October 1887 Robert married Mary D. Serrill, the daughter of Isaac Serrill and Rachael Wilfong, of Mercer County, PA. (For more information on Mary read the Serrill chapter) Robert was a carpenter by trade.

Robert purchased cemetery lots in Locust Grove Cemetery, Beaver County, PA in 1901 for $8. Robert died intestate on 22 February 1912 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH. His remains were transported to Ellwood City, PA and buried at Locust Grove Cemetery with his son.

The known children of Robert Hugh Mc Cullough and Martha Baird are:

a. Ella Mc Cullough was born on 20 June 1877 and died on 15 October 1917.

b. Margaret Mc Cullough was born on 26 January 1879 and died on 3 November 1949 and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, in Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County, PA.

d. Charles Edward Mc Cullough was born on 23 July 1880 and died on 23 November 1901. He was buried at Locust Grove Cemetery, Beaver, PA.

e. Marshall Mc Cullough was born 19 July 1884 in PA. He married Florence J. ? He died about August 1971 at Kansas City, Jackson, MO.

The known children of Robert Hugh Mc Cullough and Mary D. Serrill are:

a. Anna Fiorella Serrill was born about 1870 at Jackson Center, Mercer County, PA.

+2. b. Helen Mc Cullough.


2. HELEN MC CULLOUGH, the daughter of Robert Mc Cullough and Mary Serrill, was born on 31 August 1888 at Sandy Lake, Mercer County, PA. On the 5 July Helen married Augustus David Fratcher at Mercer County, PA. Helen and David moved to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH where they raised their family. Helen died on 1 October 1977 and was buried at Whitehaven Cemetery, Mayfield, OH.

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