Serrill Family

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The Serrill family were Quakers. When recording birth, marriage, and death dates the Quakers used the Julian Calendar which numbered days and months. The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by America in 1752 therefore the dates do not match. Before November 1, 1751 the first month of the year was March after November 1, 1751 January became the first month of the year.

Elizabeth Serrill, a widow with four children landed from the Welcome at Darby Creek, Philadelphia in 1681. Her husband and about 25 others died at sea of cholera.

James Serrill, Mary Serrill and their two children are mentioned in John Houldstone’s will written the 17th day, fourth month, 1698. John refers to them as his cousins. The will was proved on the 14th day, third month 1701/2 and recorded in B. 254. The will was protested and set aside by the Orphans’ Court after August 1701. One of the protestors was David Ogden. On the 12th day, twelfth month, 1698, John Hoskins granted James Serril 250 acres of land in Middletown, Chester County. This deed was granted to the said Hoskins father by William Penn on the 3rd. Day, third month, 1681. James Serril granted the land to David Ogden by deed on the 10th day, sixth month, 1700.


JAMES SERRILL, probably the son of Elizabeth Serrill, and his wife Jane appear in Chester County, PA around 1700. They were a Quaker family who attended church meetings at the Goshen Meeting House at Chester County, PA. James Serrill’s signature was affixed on a petition to the court “to fix the limits of the township” of Goshen on 29 February 1731/32. Originally Goshen was surveyed as a Welsh community however, due to a delay in immigrant settling the property was sold to other settlers.

The following are the known children of James and Jane Serrill:

a. John Serrill was born on the 4th. day, sixth month, 1707 at Goshen, Chester County, PA.

b. Jane Serrill was born on the 23rd. day, seventh month, 1709 at Goshen, Chester County, PA.

c. Mary Serrill was born on the 2nd. day, eleventh month, 1710 at Goshen, Chester County, PA.

+1. d. James Serrill.

e. Isaac Serrill was born on the 12th. day, eleventh month, 1717 at Goshen, Chester County, PA. He married Susanna Evans, the daughter of Evan Evans and Margaret.

f. Jacob Serrill was born on the 6th. day, fourth month, 1721 at Goshen, Chester County, PA.


1. JAMES SERRILL was born on the 9th. day, fifth month, 1714 at Goshen, Chester County, PA. He married Alice Garrett on the 5th. day, fourth month 1741 at Goshen Meeting, Chester County, PA. Alice Garrett, born on the 26th. day, first month, 1717, was the daughter of George Garrett and Ann.

James died, intestate, on the 30th. day, fifth month, 1758 at Darby, Chester County, PA. After the death of James, Abraham Bonsall was appointed guardian of John, Anne, Isaac, Esther, James, Hannah, and Jacob. Alice died about thirty years later, on the 17th. day, first month 1789.

The following are the known children of James Serrill and Alice Garrett:

a. Hannah Serrill was born on the 27th. day, first month, 1742 at Chester County, PA.

b. John Serrill was born on the 3rd. day, ninth month, 1743 at Chester County, PA. He married Elizabeth Lewis, born on the 17th. day, ninth month, 1745, the daughter of Thomas and Jane Lewis on 20th. day, tenth month, 1763.

+2. c. Jacob Serrill.

d. Ann Serrill was born on the 29th. day, eight month, 1748 at Chester County, PA.

+3. e. Isaac Serrill.

f. Esther Serrill was born on the 7th. day, ninth month, 1753 at Chester County, PA.


2. JACOB SERRILL , the son of James and Alice Serrill, was born on the 13th. day, eleventh month, 1747 at Chester County, PA. He married Hannah Pearson on the 25th. day, sixth month, 1772 at Darby, Chester County, PA. Hannah was born on the 1st. day, first month, 1751, the daughter of Thomas Pearson and Hannah Blunston.

Jacob was dismissed from Darby Meetings for “taking up arms in a martial manner” during the Revolutionary War. Jacob served his country as a 1st class member of the 5th Company, 6th Battalion of the Chester County Militia commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Davis.

Jacob lived in Lower Darby of Chester County in 1781 and was taxed on 172 acres of property. This tax list also indicates that he owned 3 horses and 15 cattle. The eastern part of Chester County divided and became Delaware County during 1789.

Hannah Serrill was named in her sister’s will dated 2 March 1790 and proved on the 24 April 1790. Mary Evans left Hannah a silk cloak, long & short double gowns and a large silver spoon.

Hannah Mitchell of Baltimore sold Jacob a 7 acre 32 square perches parcel of land located on the SE side of the road, which runs from Darby to Chester and the corner of Jacob’s land on 28 December 1818 for $294. On 18 March 1819 Jacob purchased 7 acres from William Rudolph for $123.42 located next to his land. In addition, Jacob purchased a parcel of land from James Rudolph and others on 16 March 1821 for $205.75, which bordered his property. This parcel of land contained seven acres and thirty-two square perches more or less.

Hannah, “the wife of Jacob,” died at the age of seventy on the 4th. day, twelfth month, 1821. Jacob died, intestate, on 14 April 1822 at the age of 75 in Darby, Delaware, PA.
The known children of Jacob Serrill and Hannah Pearson are:

+4. a. James Serrill.

b. Thomas Serrill was born on the 23rd. Day, twelfth month, 1775, at Darby, Chester County, PA. He married Martha Ash on 2 October 1805. Thomas was living in Kingsessing, Philadelphia in 1810, but by 1820 he had returned to Darby, Delaware County, PA. On the 19 December 1823 he purchased several tracts of Upland and marsh-meadow land in Delaware County, PA, containing about 14 acres, from his father’s estate. In addition, he received meadowland in Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA. Thomas died, intestate, 13 January 1843. His property transferred to his brother John’s children after John’s death.

+5. c. John Serrill.

+6. d. George Serrill.

+7. e. Benjamin Serrill.

f. Henry Serrill was born on 24th. day, sixth month, 1787 at Darby, Chester County, PA. Henry’s wife was named Massey. The children of Henry and Massey are Thomas S. Serrill and Hannah S. Serrill. Henry Serrill died 29 November 1824 at Delaware County, PA.

g. Rachel Serrill was born about 1789. She died before 1821.

+8. h. Pearson Serrill.

3. ISAAC SERRILL, was born on the 16th. day, third month, 1751 at Chester County, PA. The tax list of 1781 Lower Darby, Chester County indicates that Isaac owned 10 acres, 1 horse, and 2 heads of cattle. Isaac Serrill married Rebecca Pearson, the daughter of John Pearson and Sarah Wood, “out of unity” and was disowned by the Darby Quaker Church in 1775.

From 1781 to 1782, Isaac was on the roll of the 5th Company, of the 6th Battalion of the Chester County Militia commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Davis. The 3 May 1786 Isaac of Darby Township in the County of Chester and Philip Price entered into a contract with James Budden etal in the City of Philadelphia.

Isaac Serrill received a license for the ancient old inn, Buttonwood, which was renamed Mariner’s Compass in 1776. This inn was passed down through the family. August 28, 1739 George Wood, Rebecca Pearson Serrill’s grandfather, applied for a license to keep a tavern in a house that was owned by Benjamin Lobb. After George’s death, his wife Hannah carried on the business for twelve more years. Then in 1769 Henry Hayes, George and Hannah’s son-in-law, took over the running of the inn. Sarah Pearson, George Wood’s daughter, was taking care of the house by 1773. Then Isaac Serrill in 1776 held the license. Henry Hayes became mine host in 1778 of the Mariner’s Compass until 1786. At this time Isaac Serrill became its landlord again. General Washington visited the old Inn for dinner in 1786. It was said that when George Washington entered the house that he had to stoop because the doorway was too low for him to pass. Samuel Ash became the landlord of the Inn in 1790.

The children of Isaac Serrill and Rebecca Pearson are:

a. Ann Serrill was born 1 April 1776. She died 29 January 1777.

b. Sarah Serrill was born 27 December 1777. She married Jonathan Bonsall. They had a son named Isaac Serrill Bonsall on the 17 July 1797 and a daughter named Margarett Bonsall born 26 February 1799. Margarett died 31 October 1836. Sarah died 20 July 1802.

+9. c. James Serrill.

d. Alice Serrill was born 21 November 1782. She married a McClease. Alice died 15 August 1817.

e. Ann Serrill was born 20 August 1785.

f. Hannah Serrill was born 30 May 1788. She married Richard Oakford. Hannah died 20 March 1826. Their daughter Mary Ann Oakford died 3 April 1841.


4. JAMES SERRILL, the son of Jacob Serrill and Hannah Pearson, was born on the 14th. day, fifth month, 1773 at Darby, Chester County, PA. He married Deborah Stackhouse. Deborah “wife of Captain James Serrill died 7mo. 24th 1840” at Delaware County, PA. Captain James died on the 17 February 1857 at the age of 84.

He may be the James Serrill who was the Captain of the Tuscarora. “Captain James Serrill, of Darby, in 1821, at that time captain of the sailing-ship Tuscarora, made a voyage to Liverpool in seventeen days, which was then the fastest trip ever made by a sailing vessel between the United States and Europe, and for many years was not equaled.”

Possible child of James Serrill and Deborah Stackhouse is:

a. James M. Serrill was born about 1803. He applied for his seamen’s certificate in 1826. James died 3 August 1872 at the age of 71.

5. JOHN SERRILL, the son of Jacob Serrill and Hannah Pearson, was born the 14th. day, seventh month 1779 at Darby, Chester County, PA. On the 2nd day, 11 month, 1797 John was sent to the Northern District of Philadelphia for an apprenticeship from Darby.

He married Martha Humpreys on the 10th. day, fifth month, 1804 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Martha, the daughter of Daniel and Rebecca, was born on the 17th. day, third month, 1779 and died on the 7th. day, fifth month, 1844. John Serrill died on the 5th. day, seventh month, 1854 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

The known children of John Serrill and Martha Humphrey are:

a. Hannah Serrill was born on the 3rd day, seventh month, 1805 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. On the 9th day, seventh month, 1830, she married Robert Ash, the son of Matthew and Mary Ash,. at Darby, PA. Their children are Martha S. Ash, Mary Ash, and Hannah S. Ash. Hannah died on the 1st day, seventh month, 1837 at Darby, PA.

b. Jacob Serrill was born on the 10th day, fifth month, 1808 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. He married a woman named Rebecca M. They removed to Spruce Street, Philadelphia on the 24th day, 10th month, 1845. Their children were Anna, John S., and Martha.

c. Rebecca H. Serrill was born on the 31st. Day, eighth month, 1811 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. She married her sister’s widower, Robert Ash on the 1st day, twelfth month, 1842 at Darby, PA.

d. Elizabeth Serrill was born on the 25th day, third month, 1815 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

e. John H. Serrill was born on the 28th day, fifth month, 1817 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. He died on the 3rd day, fourth month, 1842 at Darby, PA.

+10. f. William D. H. Serrill.

6. GEORGE SERRILL, the son of Jacob and Hannah, was born on the 23rd. day, third month, 1782 at Darby, Chester County, PA. George married Jane Pearson, the daughter of Captain James Pearson and his second wife Susanna Hart Pearson. The 1808 church records indicate that George was disowned. Also, the 5th day, 5th month, 1808 church records of Philadelphia indicate that a Jane Pearson (Serrill) was disowned for marrying her first cousin. Jane was born on 19 January 1779 and died on 13 December 1844.

George appears on the pay roll of a company of Infantry commanded by Captain James Serrill of the First Regiment of PA commencing on September 21, 1814, as an Ensign.

On 19 December 1823, George purchased several tracts of land from his father’s estate for the consideration of $1. At this time his brothers and their wives signed quitclaim to the said property. This property was located in the Upland and Marsh-meadow in the township of Darby and another was located in Tinicum Township in Delaware County. In addition, he purchased his father’s property located in Kingsessing Township of Philadelphia, PA.

George purchased a tenement and several parcels of land from John M. Pearson, willed to John from his father Thomas Pearson, on 1 January 1825 for $850. This property was located on both sides of MillRace in Darby, Delaware County, PA.

In the fall of 1835, The Delaware County Insurance Company was formed and George Serrill was elected its first President on July 27, 1835. In addition, he served as on the board of directors from July 23, 1835 until September 30, 1850. George was elected vice-president January 7, 1846.

George died intestate on the 22 August 1851 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. James P. Serrill and Jacob S. Serrill were the administrators of George’s estate. James, Jacob, Benjamin and Wm Serrill filed a bond on 2 September 1851. The inventory of goods, chattels rights and credits totaled $2605.00.
Listed were seven rooms of furniture, 3 horses, 21 cows, 1 cart, 2 hay wagons, 1 ox cart, 1 Dearborn wagon, 1 carriage, harness, plows, harrows, horse rake, straw cutter, 2 hogs, $12, and 50 shares of stock in Delaware Insurance Co. Worth $250. The inventory was filed on 9 February 1852 and was signed by the following: James P. Serrill, Susan Serrill, Mary P. Serrill, Jacob S. Serrill and George Serrill.

The known children of George Serrill and Jane Pearson are:

+11. a. James Pearson Serrill.

b. Susan Serrill was born 1812 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

c. Mary P. Serrill was born 1813 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. She died at the age of 57 on August 6, 1870 at Delaware County, PA.

d. Jacob S. Serrill was born about 1816 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Jacob died 30 December 1999. His obituary indicates that his mother’s family came to this country with William Penn. His family occupied his house since 1712. Jacob was a member of the National Republican convention

and voted for the nomination of Abraham Lincoln for President. In addition, Jacob represented the Chester-Delaware senatorial district in the State senate for three years beginning in 1860. Jacob was the director and vice-president of the First National Bank of Darby.

e. George Serrill was born 1821 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

f. Thomas Serrill died 5mo. 19th. 1824 at Delaware County, PA.

7. BENJAMIN SERRILL, the son of Jacob and Hannah, was born on the 26th day, ninth month, 1784 at Darby, Chester County, PA. Benjamin married Sidney Pennell on the 14th day, fifth month, 1812 at Darby, Delaware, PA. Sidney was born on the 22nd day, twelfth month, 1787 at Darby, Chester County, PA. Sidney died on the 17th day, third month, 1845 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Benjamin died at Darby, Delaware County, PA on the 6th day, ninth month, 1857.

The known children of Benjamin Serrill and Sidney Pennell are:

a. Benjamin Serrill was born on the 28th day, third month, 1819 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Darby Meeting House disowned Benjamin on the 25th day, tenth month, 1853.

b. Thomas D. Serrill was born on the 5th day, fourth month, 1813 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Removed to Goshen Meeting House on the 19th Day, ninth month, 1854.

c. William P. Serrill was born on the 6th day, twelfth month, 1814 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. He married Rachel L. Bunting, the daughter of Josiah and Sarah Bunting, on the 5th day, third month, 1840 at Darby, PA. Their children were Josiah B., Sally Bunting Serrill. Removed to Goshen Meeting House on the 24th day, first month, 1854.

d. Hannah Pennell Serrill was born on the 28th day, third month, 1821 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. She married David S. Bunting, son of Josiah and Sarah Bunting, on the 9th day, third month, 1843 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

e. Sidney Temple Serrill was born on the 6th day, third month, 1827 at Upper Springfield, Delaware County, PA. She married Lloyd Jones Hunt, son of Abram and Mapey Hunt, on the 5th day, tenth month, 1848 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Sidney died on the 16th day, sixth month, 1905 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA.

8. PEARSON SERRILL, son of Jacob Serrill and Hannah, was born on the 3rd. day, seventh month 1791 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. On the 28th day, 6th month, 1810, Pearson received a paper from Darby Monthly Meeting to go to Philadelphia for an apprenticeship.

He married Rachael Starr, born August 8, 1791, the daughter of Isaac and Rachel Starr, on the 1st. day, 12th month, 1814 at Mulberry St., Philadelphia, PA. On 19 December 1823 Pearson purchased two parcels of land, from his father’s estate. One parcel was located in the town of Darby and the other was located in Tinicum Township, Delaware County, PA on the Delaware River containing about 15 acres.

On the 20th day, eleventh month, 1833 Pearson and Rachael took their family to Spruce Street MeetingHouse.

Pearson wrote the following letter to Samuel Gibson concerning the marriage of his daughter Hannah:

Near Darby 7th:31st 1844
Samuel Gibson
Dear Friend
I have I have recd thine of the 27th inst. Informing me of the “justness of thy intentions towards my daughter” & soliciting my consent to the bestowal of her hand to thee. I could not for a moment entertain a doubt of the correctness of thy intentions or I should before this ? four an anxious regard for the welfare of my dear child have sought the explanation now afforded.
Taking it for granted thou hast Hannah’s consent & entertaining the views I do on that subject I cannot withhold mine--thou hast it--and in the avowal of it ? it me to accompany it with the most ardent wish & fervent prayer that every blessing may attend you this life--that you may be to each other help mates in every since of the word & I have no doubt peace & happiness will be your lot.
Very truely thine
Pearson Serrill

Rachael died on the 29th day, 1st. Month, 1852 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Pearson was found living with his daughter Hannah and son-in-law Samuel Gibson November 1870. Pearson followed her in death on 5 April 1871 at the age of 80.

The known children of Pearson Serrill and Rachael Starr are:

a. Henry Serrill was born on the 5th day, eleventh month 1815 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. He married Ann Ring. Henry died on 4th day, fifth month, 1889.

b. Elizabeth Wilson Serrill was born on the 13 day, third month, 1817 and died on 30th day, eleventh month, 1830 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

c. Isaac Starr Serrill was born on the 12th day, second month, 1819 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. He married Ann B. Wickersham. Isaac died on the 10 Th. day, third month, 1872.

+12. d. Hannah Serrill.

e. Jane Peterson Serrill was born on the 18th day, tenth month, 1823 in PA. She married Charles Conrad. She died on the 9th day, tenth month, 1859.

f. Martha Ash Serrill was born on the 11th day, eleventh month, 1826 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. She married Richard Levick on the 20th day, eighth month, 1850. They removed to Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA.

g. Frances Serrill was born on the 2nd day, ninth month, 1829. Frances married Edward Flash on the 19th day, ninth month, 1854. They removed to New York on the 21st day, 8th month, 1855.

h. Thomas D. Serrill was born on the 23rd day, fifth month, 1832 at Philadelphia, PA. He died on the 2nd day, ninth month, 1882 at Darby, Delaware County, PA.

i. Ellen Bernard Serrill was born on the 14th day, third month, 1834 in PA. She married James Andrews. Ellen, “the widow of James Andrews, Jr.” died 26 April 1880. James died on the 18 March 1877 at 45 years of age.

9. JAMES SERRILL, the son of Isaac Serrill and Rebecca, was born 27 August 1780. He married Anna. Anna died 26 December 1833 at 3:00 in the morning. James died 30 March 1842.

The known children of James Serrill and Anna are:

+13. a. Isaac Serrill.

b. Samuel Paxton. Serrill was born 27 January 1808. He died in Philadelphia on 5 April 1860 at 2:00 in the morning.

c. Jacob De Hart Serrill was born 28 August 1811 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. He moved near Hicksville, Milford Township, Defiance County, OH in 1850. Jacob assisted in building the roads in the township. From 1853-1861 Jacob was the Postmaster and had the post office at his house. In addition to his duties as Postmaster, he was a Trustee and Treasure of the township. Jacob’s homestead had a brick house, barn, log cabin, and a brick house. Jacob was the custodian of many family treasures such as: the family Bible, Aunt Pearson’s family record, a prayer-book, a silver ladle and punch-bowl, a silver set, an old silver tea pot, and a sugar bowl which was used by his grandfather before the Revolutionary War. Jacob was described as “a gentleman of fair abilities, and a man of some culture.” George Cobb Serrill, Martha Jane Serrill and Kate Willis Serrill went to live with Jacob in Defiance County, OH after the death of their parents. He died 9 March 1885, a bachelor.

d. Sarah Serrill was born 14 December 1813. She died 5 January 1877 at 9:00 in the evening, aged 63.

+14. e. George Leiper Serrill.

f. Thomas Ash Serrill was born 5 May 1830. He married (1)Mary Ann Noate on 7 September 1841 and (2)Caroline E. Williamson on 2 April 1857. Thomas died 29 May 1861, at 12:00p.m., aged 42 years and 26 days, in Philadelphia.

+15. g. Richard Oakford Serrill.

h. Henry Serrill, a twin, was born 14 June 1825.

i. Charles Oakford Serrill, a twin, was born 14 June 1825. He died 26 August 1832 at the age of 7 years, 2 months, 12 days.

j. Joseph Oakford Serrill, a twin, was born 5 January 1828. He died 9 January 1830, aged two years and four days.

k. Morris Shallcross Serrill, a twin, was born 5 January 1828. He died 18 August 1894.


A few of our family men and their friends made the following pledge: We, the undersigned citizen Bachelors of Delaware County, PA do pledge ourselves to meet on the anniversary of this, St. Patrick’s night, 1845 and each succeeding year – at some suitable place in the vicinity. We also do agree that when any of us do commit matrimony, he or they so doing shall invite the remainder to his wedding and thenceforth no longer be considered a member. Again we do agree to have provided for each of our meetings an oyster supper wherewith to regale ourselves – said supper to be at the expense of all the members.
Darby St. Patrick’s night
17th March 1844 Signed
Benj. Serrill
J. DeHart Serrill
Jacob S. serrill
??? C. Pellen (?)
WM D. H. Serrill
?????P. Heacock

10. WILLIAM D. H. SERRILL, the son of John Serrill and Martha Humphreys, was born on the 15th day, tenth month, 1821 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. William married Frances P. Lloyd, the daughter of Charles and Mary Lloyd. He was a farmer whose farm was valued at $3500 in 1860. Also he had a personal estate worth $8500.

The known children of William D. H. Serrill and Frances P. Lloyd are:

a. Mary L. Serrill was born about 1856.

b. Charles Serrill was born about 1860.

11. JAMES PEARSON SERRILL, the son of George Serrill and Jane Pearson, was born in 1810, at Delaware County, PA. He married Ellen O’Hara Mowry. This was Ellen’s second marriage. She previously married Joseph Bonsall and had two sons by him. James died on the 12th day, fifth month, 1898 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. Ellen died after a brief illness at the Iroquois Hotel in Buffalo, NY in June 1904.

The following are the known children of James Pearson Serrill and Ellen Mowry.

a. Jennie Pearson Serrill was born about 1848 at Darby, Delaware County, PA. She married Samuel Blair Griffith. Jennie moved to Pittsburgh, PA.

b. Mary P. Serrill was born about 1851.

c. Ellen B. Serrill was born about 1853. She married John L. Morrison on the 12th day, tenth month, 1880 at the home of James P. Serrill. Jacob S., George, Elizabeth, James Pearson, and Ellen Serrill were present for the ceremony. Ellen moved to Sharon, Mercer County, PA. She died in 1920. John died on March 10, 1930.

d. Susan Serrill was born about 1857.

12. HANNAH SERRILL, the daughter of Pearson Serrill and Rachael Starr, was born on the 28th day, fifth month, 1821 in PA. She married Samuel Gibson, son of John and Sarah Gibson, on the 28th day, fifth month, 1845 at Philadelphia, PA. Samuel was born on the 1st day, eighth month, 1818 at Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA. It is said that Samuel died between 3 and 4 in the morning of the 14th day, seventh month, 1896. Hannah followed her husband in death on the 22nd day, 2nd month, 1904 at Philadelphia, PA.

The following are the known children of Hannah Serrill and Samuel Gibson:

a. John Gibson was born on the 21st day, fifth month, 1846 at Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA. He married Tomina Isabella Mac Donald on March 10, 1882 at the 1st. Congregational Church in Malone. Isabella was the daughter of John Mac Donald and Catherine Chisholm. Their son, John, was born on January 3, 1884. John, Sr., died on September 7, 1917.

b. Rachel Gibson was born on December 14, 1848 at Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA..

c. Henry S. Gibson was born on March 17 1851 at Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA.

d. Elizabeth Martin Bessie Gibson was born on November 12, 1854 at Kingsessing, Philadelphia, PA. She died about 1945.

13. ISAAC SERRILL was born 20 August 1806 near Darby, Delaware County, PA. His parents were James Serrill and Anna. Isaac married Rachael Wilfong, who was born about 1811 in PA, on 23 January 1839 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

Isaac Serrill of Delaware County, PA purchased a tract of 98 acres, 4 acres, and 73 acres for $1125.00 on the 21 May 1842 in Coolspring Township, Mercer County, PA. John S. Pearson was a witness to this transaction. The deed is recorded at Mercer County, Courthouse in Vol. 1, T, pages 165-166.

The 1850 Federal Census states that he owned real estate worth $1500. In 1850 Isaac had three other people living with him and his family. Morris Serrill helped him farm. Hannah Wilfong, his sister-in-law and Szla Rigly. By 1860 Isaac’s real estate worth grew to $5000 and his personal property was $400. Hannah and Morris were still living with the family in 1860.

Family tradition holds that Isaac’s ancestors came to America with William Penn. Isaac was a devout Quaker who helped organize a Sabbath school, which later became the Cottage church society of Mercer County, PA. On the 24 March 1854 Isaac and Rachel sold a parcel of land, containing a fourth of an acre more or less, in Jackson Township, part of a larger tract of land at which Isaac resides for one cent of lawful money to the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The deed states that “a desire to promote the cause of Religion & Morality in the vicinity in which they reside” and “as long as it may be wanted for a house of worship.” The deed is recorded at Mercer County Courthouse in Vol. 2, G, Page 232.

On 18 January 1886, Hannah Wilfong sold 107 acres more or less to Isaac for $1 and the support and maintenance of Hannah for her natural life. This parcel of land located in the township of Jackson in Mercer County is described as north of the lands of John Mc Millian on the east by lands of John Armstrong on the South by the Mercer and Franklin road and lands of Samuel Dugan Elizabeth Boore and George Ringer and on the west by a public road leading from the Mercer and Franklin road to the five points. This deed is recorded at Mercer County Courthouse in Vol. 5, X, pages 7 & 8.

Isaac’s will was written the 7 April 1888 naming his three children, subscribing witnesses R. J. Fahrison and Johnson Pearson. He died on 18 November 1891 about 11p.m. His will was probated on 7 December 1891.


I, Isaac Serrill of Jackson Township in the county of Mercer and State of Pennsylvania so make and publish this as and for my last will and testament hereby revoking any and every will or testaments by writing by ever heretofore made.
First. I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses and the expense of settling my estate shall be paid out of my personal estate, if exclusion of my household goods, books etc. It shall be sufficient for that purpose: and if there shall not be enough of it for that purpose then the balance needed shall be paid out of my real estate.
Second, I direct and give to my three children David W. Serrill, Anna, inter-married with James Russell Dight, Mary D. Intermarried with Hugh Mc Cullough and my grand daughter Anna Fiorella Serrill all the real estate of which I shall divided to be held by them in the following shares to wit: the parcel shall be divided into three parts so that my daughter Mary and my grand daughter Anna F. Shall together have ten acres of land less than either my son David or my said daughter Anna and the share acres given to said Mary and Fiorella shall be held by them in equal parts (all of said divises to hod their share at truants in common, and I hereby order and direct that my said daughter Anna Dight shall have the exclusive management and control of the interest in said real estate herein devised to my said grand daughter Ann F. For the use and benefit of said Anna F. Until she the said Anna F. Shall arrive at the age of twenty one years or shall marry.
Third. I further will and bequeath my household goods and furniture of all kinds including all books etc. To my said three children David, Anna and Mary to be divided equally among them
Fourth. I hereby nominate and appoint my said son David W. Serrill and my son-in-law James Russell Dight as the executer of this my last will and testament. As witness my hand this 7th day of April A. D. 1888.
Isaac Serrill
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named Isaac Serrill as and per his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names at his request as witnesses thereto in the presence of the said testator and of each other
R. J. Fahrison
Johnson Pearson

The children of Isaac Serrill and Rachael Wilfong are:

a Anna Serrill was born 1 December 1840 a few minutes past 12:00. She died when she was 18 months old on 22 May 1842.

b. Anna Serrill born 18 March 1843 near Philadelphia. She taught school in Mercer County, PA. Anna married James Russell Dight. Anna and James were unable to have any children so, they raised D. W. Hosack. James died from injuries caused by a buggy accident on 21 September 1913. Anna, although born a Quaker, attended the Methodist Church. Anna died 23 March 1924 and was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Jackson Township, Mercer County, PA.

+16. c. Mary D. Serrill.

d. David W. Serrill was born November 1849 in PA. He married Eliza who was born 1851 and died 1933. Their son William W. Serrill was born November 1877. David “was ever concerned for the best interests of his community, serving long and faithfully on the school board of the district...His kindly spirit radiated to all with whom he came in contact.” He died on 25 September 1923. They are buried at Presbyterian Cemetery, Jackson Township, PA.

14. GEORGE LEIPER SERRILL, was born 27 May 1816 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. He married Martha J. Wilkins on 10 May 1845 at Mobile, Alabama. George died on 12 July 1868.

The known children of George Leiper Serrill and Martha J. are:

a. Martha Jane Serrill was born 21 February 1845.

b. Sarah Elizabeth Serrill was born March 1849. She died young of acute appendicitis.

c. Kate Willis Serrill was born 19 October 1852. She died May of 1938.

+17. d. George Cobb Serrill.

15. RICHARD OAKFORD SERRILL, was born 20 February 1822. He married Anna Sophia Margaret Hess. Richard was a private in the Texas Infantry, Co. D from 27 May 1861 to 25 May 1865. He enlisted in Matagorda and was captured on 11 January 1863 in Arkansas. Richard was imprisoned in Illinois and released on 15 April 1863. He was hospitalized again in April of 1864. In December of 1864, Richard was captured again. He was finally released on 20 June 1865. Richard died on 10 December 1866.

The known children of Richard Oakford Serrill and Anna Sophia Margaret Hess are:

+18. a. Henry Hess Serrill.

b. Julius Pratt Serrill was born in 1857. He died October 1937.

c. John Gordon Serrill was born in 1859 in Matagorda, TX. He died in 1912.

d. George Serrill was born in Matagorda and died when he was 16 years old.

e. Annie Margaret Serrill was born 10 July 1867. She died 11 September 1930.


16. MARY D. SERRILL, the daughter of Isaac Serrill and Rachael Wilfong, was born on the 15 October 1845 in PA. Mary married Robert Hugh Mc Cullough on the 29 October 1887 at Mercer County, PA. They lived in the Sandy Lake area of Mercer County, PA. Hugh and Mary eventually moved to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio where they died. Mary lived with her daughter Helen Fratcher after the death of her husband. Mary died on 7 November 1931 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, of Bronchial Pneumonia, which was brought on by a broken hip. Her remains were transported to Ellwood City, PA and she was buried with her husband at Locust Grove Cemetery.


17. GEORGE COBB SERRILL, was born 16 August 1858 in Mobile, AL. In February 1880, he married Mary Elizabeth Vogtman who was born 5 March 1863. She died 26 September 1894. George died 11 December 1911. George is buried in Hicksville, OH.

The known children of George Cobb Serrill and Mary Elizabeth Vogtman are:

a. George Douglas Serrill was born 31 March 1883 in Hicksville, OH. He was a minister at The Church of Christ at Pierson, IA. George died 30 December 1952 and is buried in Sioux City, IA.

b. Miss Serrill died at birth and wasn’t named.

c. Julian De Hart Serrill, “Dick,” was born 8 April 1887, on Good Friday at Hicksville, OH. He was in the insurance business. Julian died 31 December 1960. He was buried in Minneapolis, MN.

d. Morris C. Serrill, “Brownie”, was born 22 August 1889 at Hicksville, OH. He worked at a Packard Garage as a service superintendent. Morris died September 1949. He is buried in Seattle, WA.

e. Alice Kate Serrill was born 5 March 1892 at Hicksville, OH. She was training to be a nurse at the Wesley Hospital in Chicago when she died in March 1917. Alice is buried at Hicksville, OH.

f. Marie Elizabeth Serrill was born 12 February 1894 in Hicksville, OH. She served as a superintendent in a missionary hospital in Manila, P. I., for ten years before relocating to Saginaw General Hospital in Saginaw, MI. Marie died 25 December 1969. Marie was buried in Minneapolis, MN.

The known child of George Cobb Serrill and Bertha Moody is:

a. Dwight Moody Serrill was born 10 May 1900 at Hicksville, OH. He died at the age of 21 years, from a heart ailment, on 10 May, 1900. Dwight was buried at Hicksville.

18. HENRY HESS SERRILL was born in Indianola, TX on 3 July 1854. On 6 April 1882 Henry married Mary Ann “Mollie” Williams. Mollie was born 10 December 1859 at Matagorda, Peninsula, TX. She died 14 June 1911. Henry died on 24 May 1937 in Matagorda, TX.

The known children of Henry Hess Serrill and Mary Ann Williams are:

a. George Edward Serrill was born 2 March 1883 at Matagorda, TX. On 20 October 1910 George married. Minnie Esther Barber. George died 22 December 1967 at Bay city, TX.

b. Maude Jesmine Serrill was born 20 May 1885 at Matagorda, TX. She died 28 May 1885 at Bay City, TX.

c. Jessie May Serrill was born 16 April 1886. She married James DuBose Moberly on 7 July 1917. Jessie died 29 March 1966 at Bay City, TX.

d. “Sonny” Serrill was born 23 December 1888. Sonny died 23 December 1888 at Matagorda, TX.

e. Muta Catherine Serrill was born 16 November 1889. Muta died 29 December 1983 at Bay City, TX.

f. Henry Douglas Serrill was born 8 September 1891. He died 7 May 1957 at Bay City, TX.

g. Richard Rugeley Serrill was born 2 February 1894. He married Frances Margaret Pennington on 23 November 1927 at Houston, TX. Richard died 8 August 1969 at Matagorda, TX.

h. Harry Gober Serrill was born 3 July 1896 at Matagorda, TX. He married Betty Erin Payne on 17 May 1929 at Tupelo, MS. Harry died 4 Mar 1970 at Wharton, TX.

i. Ernest Zuch Serrill was born 11 Oct 1898 at Matagorda, TX. He married Marie Sadler on 28 May at Mart, TX. Ernest died 13 February 1978.

j. W. B. “Pete” Serrill was born 13 February 1901 at Matagorda, TX. He died on 28 December 1969.

THEODORE BURTUS SERRILL, the son of James Serrill and Mary Parker, was born 8 July 1840. Family tradition holds that Theodore was left ashore while his parents went to sea and were lost. His father is said to have been the owner and skipper of the fateful vessel. Theodore was “raised by aunt and husband who was innkeeper at Rising Sun Inn, Philadelphia. Reported to have served in Civil War, presumed captured at Gettysburg when Penna. Line overrun first day, but no records found. Was prisoner. After war became gardener for Rosengarden family and married their children’s nurse, Mary Wilson, Coleraine, near Belfast, Ireland. Her father a tailor, both he and wife lived to 100 or more. Were descendants of settlers from London Company sent there by Cromwell. Four sons, one daughter died in childhood.”

The known children of Theordore Burtus Serrill and Mary Wilson are:

a. Jane Serrill was born in 1870. She died during childhood.

b. James Serrill was born in 1871.

c. John Burtus Serrill was born in 1873. He married Mary Lenahan, the daughter of Andrew and Mary Bradley of County Mayo, Ireland. Their children were Theodore Andrew, Thomas Andre, and John Patrick Serrill. John died in 1967.

d. Robert Serrill was born in 1877. He married Mary L. Miles. No issue.

e. Theodore Burtus Serrill was born 1886. His children were Anna May, John, Franklin Benjamin, Helen, Peggy, Joseph, and Robert Serrill.


Serill family

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/01/2013 - 16:47.

Have been trying to connect Elizabeth Serrill from the Welcome to Serrills in England. Have found Serrills in Southwell and a Elizabeth Serrill born 1638 who died in PA in 17002 but she married John Houlstone in England so would not be the widow Serrill referred to in this article.
Any help would be appreciated.
Jim Serrill


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This Daryl, is that you Timber Jim

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