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ADOLPH DAVID FRATCHER was born in Saxony, Germany on 25 April 1842. He arrived in America about 1867. David married Christina Breckle, the daughter of Christian J. Breckle and Marie Salome on 21 January 1868 in Pennsylvania. By 1870, they had moved to Gustavus, Trumbell County, Ohio to set up housekeeping. David was a farmer and Christina kept house. Then by 1880, they moved to New Lebanon, Mercer County, PA. Christine purchased seven acres in Mercer County on November 2, 1891 , located in the Borough of New Lebanon for five hundred dollars from John Remley and his wife of Kent County, Delaware. However, the family was living in President Township, Venango County, PA in 1900. David was a farmer living in New Lebanon Borough, Mill Creek Township, Mercer, PA by 1910 and he owned his farm free and clear. A. David died on the 4 June 1921 in PA. Christina was born on in September of 1844. She died on 17 October 1916. See the copy of the Fratcher family bible.


The children of Adolph David Fratcher and Christina Breckle are:

a. Charles Alfred Fratcher was born on 24 July 1869 in Kinsman, Trumbell County, Ohio. He married Nannie Edward on 25 December 1896 in Mercer County, PA. Charles died on 26 March 1909 in Mercer County, PA.

b. Christian Adol (Wolf) Fratcher was born on 26 March 1871 in Trumbell County, Ohio. Christian’s birth certificate reads David A. Fratcher, which is in error. His children were John, Ann, and Agnes. He died on 16 April 1956.

c. Emma Fratcher was born 2 November 1872 in Ohio. She married Elias Schell on 25 December 1893 in Mercer County, PA. There was no issue.

d. Elizabeth Luella Fratcher was born on 20 March 1874 in Greenville, PA. She was called Aunt Lizzie by her family. She married Stuart B. Wilson on 30 June 1907 in Mercer County, PA. Their children were Ned, Dave, Ron, Donald, and Alice. Elizabeth died 11 June 1936.

e. Mary Alice Fratcher was born 18 February 1876 in PA. She was called Allie. She married a Blauser. Their son was Lee Blauser.

f. Martha Margaret Fratcher was born on 4 January 1878 in PA. She married Earl A. Brenneman on 20 June 1917 in Mercer County, PA. There was no issue. She died on 3 August 1976.

g. Louisa Jane Fratcher was born 22 February 1880 in West Salem Twp., Mercer County, PA. She married C. W. Hotchkiss on 2 January 1902. Their sons were Rex and Clarence. They died without issue. She died on 25 March 1973.

h. George Herman Fratcher was born on 16 April 1882 in Mercer County, PA. He died on 13 April 1963 in PA. George’s children were Sam, Burton, and Osie.

+1. i. Augustus David Fratcher.

j. Edward Breckley Fratcher was born on 18 May 1886 in Mercer County, PA. His children were Ed, Bob, and Rita. He died on 19 January 1936.

k. Caroline Fratcher was born in Mercer County, PA on the 16 February 1888 and died on 24 February 1888.

George, Alice, Margaret, Lucille, Chris, David, Emma

Aunt Emma Schell & Fratcher Family Farm & House in Mercer County, PA


1. AUGUSTUS DAVID FRATCHER was born the son of Adolph David Fratcher and Christina Breckle on 30 March 1884 in New Lebanon, Mercer County, PA. He was called Dave by his family. Dave married Helen Mc Cullough, the daughter of Robert Mc Cullough and Mary Serrill, on 5 July 1909 in Mercer County, PA.

David ran his own business of hauling and moving. He started with a horse and buggy then later he purchased a Model T Ford. In 1920 census, he indicated that his occupation was trucking. They were living at 1455 East 65th Street, Cleveland, Ohio in 1920 and Helen’s mother, Mary was living with them. They also had a boarder named John Kenna.

David & Helen at 1382 Russell Rd., Cleveland, OH

Dave also did factory work making washing machines for Apex. David’s social security number was 295-07-7018. He enjoyed gardening and raising rabbits in his back yard. He had pear trees. Whenever the kids ate one with a worm in it he would laugh and say “a little meat won’t hurt you.”

Dave Fratcher died on 28 December 1970 of Congestive Heart Failure, Cerebral Thrombus and Arteriosclerosis at the age of 86 in Euclid, Ohio. He was cremated on 31 December 1970 at Knollwood, Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio and buried on October 3, 1977, in the same casket with his wife Helen, at Whitehaven Cemetery, Mayfield, Ohio. At the time of his death, he was living at 501 East 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio.

The children of Augustus David Fratcher and Helen Mc Cullough are:

+2. a. Alethea Fratcher.

b. Alfred Hugh Fratcher was born on 19 March 1914 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. He was lovingly referred to as “Buzz” by his family. Buzz worked as a maintenance man for Fisher Foods. He married Sue Ranaldi. Sue was born on October 5, 1913. She died September 1975 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Buzz died on 13 February 1973 in Cleveland of acute viral pneumonia and was buried on 16 February 1973 in All Souls Cemetery, Chardon, Ohio. They had three sons.

c. Corinne Fratcher was born on 31 August 1915 in Cleveland, Ohio. She married Stanley Lao on 2 July 1936 at Ripley, NY. Stanley was born on 1 January 1913 and he died 27 March 1988 in Ohio, was cremated and buried in the same plot as Helen and David Fratcher. They had a son and a daughter.

d. David Robert Fratcher was born on 14 February 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio. He married Mary Moss on 19 November 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio. Dave served his country during World War II as a Private in the 5th Division, 10th Regiment, 2nd Battalion of the United States Army. He was in the Medical Corps during the Battle of the Bulge. He helped set up two hospitals. In France he drove a jeep that transported the wounded to the aide stations. They had a son and a daughter.

Ed Fratcher, unknown, unknown, A. David Fratcher

A. David Fratcher

Back: A. David, Helen, Cork Front: Alethea, Buzz, Dave Fratcher


2. ALETHEA FRATCHER was born on 10 November 1911 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. She married Matthew James Ralph on 15 October 1929 in Cleveland, Ohio. Alethea’s hobbies were tatting, embroidery, crocheting, card playing and piano playing. She belonged to the Daughters of Veterans and was active with the Democratic Party during election time. Her favorite desert was cheesecake. She died on 25 June 1989 at the nursing home after a long illness in Cleveland, Ohio. She is buried at Sunset Memorial Park in Olmstead Falls, Ohio.

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