Thompson, John Sampson

Submitted by Teresa Arcangel on Mon, 07/26/2010 - 00:02

November 25, 1898 MERCER DISPATCH
Friends have been notified of the death of Mr. John Sampson Thompson, Sr., which occurred at his home in Bateham, Kansas on Thursday, Nov. 3, 1898. Mr Thompson was born in this county, May 16, 1810, only removing from here in 1877. He and family are well remembered by our older citizens. Mr. Thompson was married in 1831 to Miss Nancy Osborn, sister of the late Noah Osborn of East Lackawannock. Nine children were born to them, only three of whom are still living: Hiram D., Cyrus B., and John S. They have lived in Fiarmont, Neb., since 1878 until recently when they removed to Bateham.

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