Clark, Elizabeth Zeigler

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Obituary in Mercer Dispatch, May 13, 1927
Mrs. Howard H. Clark of Pittsburgh formerly of Mercer, died last Thursday night at the Passavant Hospital in that city, following an illness of but a few hours. She was stricken in the early afternoon with cerebral hemorrhage, two other strokes followed and death came shortly after midnight.
Mrs Clark was known to her Mercr friends as "Bess" Ziegler. She was 44 years of age, a daughter of the late and Mr. and Mrs Harry Ziegler, and a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Mason and great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith, one of the pioneer families of Mercer. Both her father and grandfather were members of the Mercer County Bar Association.
Mrs. Clark was born in Mercer, and lived here until her marriage. She graduated from the Mercer High School and attended the Pennsylvania College for Women, Pittsburgh. Her married life was spent in Dunbar and Pittsburgh.
She is survived by her husband, one daughter Betty, a student at the University of Pittsburgh; two aunts, Mrs. Mary Bowser and Miss Jennie Mason of Mercer, and an uncle, Dr. W.C. Mason of Erie.
Funeral services were held Saturday at the Moreland chapel, Pittsburgh and on Sunday the body was brought to Mercer, to the old Mason home, but recently opened, which she had left as a bride 21 years before. Burial was in the Mercer Cemetery where a simple service was conducted by Dr. John S. Duncan of the First Presbyterian church of which Mrs. Clark's ancestors had been members since its organization. Jos. Smith being one of the first elders.

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