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Henry Ebbert b. 1799-1800, lived in Lake township from about 1850 until about 1868. In 1840 he was in Shenango. He was apparently deceased in 1870. His wife Mary (Polly) Hollibaugh, was with him in 1850 but gone in 1860. No death or parent information has been found for Henry and no death information has been found for Mary. The children married locally and a lot of relationships were created in Mercer County. Henry's background is a brick wall so far.

Some of the Mercer County relatives for this family are: Benjamin Casey ALLIN/ALLEN b.1808; Allen D. HOLLIBAUGH/HOLLEBAUGH/HOLLABAUGH even HALABA b.1820; Samuel WOODSON b.1787; Manassah COYLE b.1756; Abraham RODENBAUGH b.1850; Mary Jane JOUETT b.1765; Hiram ROGERS b.1816


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