Kemm families

Submitted by Noel Kemm on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 20:21

The descendants of Thomas & Elizabeth Kemm (both 1791-1881) of Long Clawson, Leicestershire, England, include their children John (1824-79), Samuel (1815-56), Thomas (1823-83), Mary (1839-83), Alice (1816-?) and 7 others who survived childhood. The named siblings all emigrated to the US in the 1840s and 50s and settled in Lake and Coolspring Townships as farmers. Mary was married to William Thompson when she emigrated. Alice was married to William Askew when she emigrated.

There are many descendants of those immigrant siblings, but only 1 in 2011 still carries the Kemm name in Mercer County: William, a descendant of John Kemm. Kemm descendants of Samuel include two other William Kemms, who live near Erie, PA, and represent a father and son and myself, Noel. I live in NJ, and my son, Matthew, is (for now) in Norfolk, VA in med school, after which the Army has him for some years.

My immigrant ancestor, Samuel married Sarah Vernon in PA. They had a son, William North Kemm (1844-1918) and a daughter, Elizabeth Ann (1846-1898). Their birth mother, Sarah, died in 1851, and Samuel remarried Nancy. When Samuel died in 1856, the children being young (12 and 10), moved in with their uncle John. Nancy went to live nearby with her sister Mary and brother-in-law, W.V. Fairlamb.

Elizabeth Ann Kemm married Edwin Harvey Sager in 1871 and the family moved to Michigan. William North Kemm served in the Army (Co. G, 145th Reg PA Volunteers) during the Civil War. After the war he married Emma R. Pearson in 1866 and eventually moved to Erie and had family of eight children, including my grandfather, the first born, Samuel Paxton Kemm (1867-1907), a carpenter by trade. He married Genevieve Louisa Quinn (1877-1963) of Franklin, PA. My grandfather had a daughter Louise (1905-80) and a son Samuel Pearson Kemm (1907-79).

Louise married William Wallace Brown and the family moved to Toledo. They had a son, William (1942-2006), and a daughter, Jane George (1944-), both born in Erie. My father married Frances Katharine Ross (1914-1985) and had a daughter, Georgia Nichols (1943-) and me, Noel Ross Kemm (1949-).

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Mary Foutz Kemm Wife of Samuel Kemm

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 02:29.

I have information on Mary Foutz Kemm. Is this the Foutz family member you are researching?

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