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from HISTORY OF MERCER COUNTY, PA-1888 pg. 774-775
WILLIAM BEATTY, ex-commissioner of Mercer County, was born March 5, 1831, in Delaware Township, this county. His father, James, was a native of Chester County, Penn., and one of nine, the children of William Beatty, who• immigrated to America from his native country, Ireland, prior to the Revolutionary War. Tbe children of William Beatty were: Jane (married a Mr. McCreary), Rebecca (married a Mr. Porter), Polly (married Washington Tait, a brother of the well-known Rev. Samuel Tait) , Betsey (was never married), Margaret (married Richard Moore), Samuel (was never married), Robert (married Anna McMillan), William (was never married), James (married Elizabeth Campbell). William Beatty, the grandfather of our subject, was a brave soldier in the great Revolutionary struggle, and two of his sons, Robert and William, served in the War of 1812; the latter was wounded in the shoulder and maimed for life. Elizabeth (Campbell) Beatty, was one of seven children: Margaret married Robert Fruit; Anna married Thomas Fruit: Jane married J. W. Ormsby; Polly married Charles Koonce; William married Esther Dilly; James married a Miss Thompson, and Eliza. The mother of W illiam Beatty, Sr., often walked fifteen miles and return to enjoy the preaching of the famous Whitfield. Robert, the brother of James Beatty, was an earnest worker in all reforms, especially temperance, abolition and the church. Robert's children were: Sarah (married Thomas Shoemaker), William (died young), Samuel (was never manied), Eliza (married W. Alden, a nephew of Timothy Alden, once president of Allegheny College, at Meadville, Penn.), Isabella (died single), Ebenezer (died young), Amelia (married Bartlett Leonard), Caroline (married David Parker), Harriet (married Samuel Hubler), James (married Axenia Cutler). The children of James and Elizabeth (Campbell) Beatty are: Mary A. (never married), Margaret (married Anson Jones), Elmyra (died when young), William. The last named was educated in the, common schools. His father died when he was ten years old, and his school days were consequently cut short, because of the need of his services to sustain the family. He spent his early days on the farm, and later gave his attention to stock growing. In 1874 he formed a partnership under the firm name of Bright & Beatty, and dealt in boots and shoes at Greenville. After a period of success he withdrew, and subsequently re-entered the same business, with his son, J. P. In 1884 Fred, another son, was taken into the firm, and they continued until 1886. In 1884 he was elected a county commissioner, and served as president of the board with credit and ability. He wa.s married in 1855 to Mary E., a daughter of John L. Dilley, of Hubbard, Ohio. By her he has been blessed with three chjldren: J. P., Fred (deceased) and Eva (the wife of J. W. Vaughn). Mr. and Mrs. Beatty are consistent members of the Presbyterian Ohurch, and he is a stauch Republican .. The ancestors of Mr. Beatty have nearly all lived. to a ripe old age, and were closely identified with the Presbyterian Chuch. It was about 1802 or 1803 when the first of the Beattys came to Mercer County. On March 12, 1888, the angel of death came along and plucked from this happy family their brightest flower, in the person of Fred Beatty, which filled the entire community with sorrow. For many years he had been an efficient clerk in the store of Tillotson Bros., in whose welfare and business he took as deep interest as if it were his own.

BEATTY, FRANCIS, b. 1789, d. 1872
BEATTY, ISABELL, b. unknown d. Jan. 1, 1857
BEATTY, JANE, b. unknown d. Jan. 10, 1837
BEATTY, ROBERT, b. 1770 d. 1860
BEATTY, WILLIAM, b. 1739 d. 1814
BEATY, CAROLINE, b. unknown d. June 9, 1842
BEATY, ELISABETH, b. unknown d. Aug. 9, 1862
BEATY, ISABEL, b. unknown d. Oct. 24, 1849
BEATY, ISABELLA, b. 1792 d. 1879
BEATY, SM., b. unknown, d. Sept. 1843

Mercer County, PA
Bigler Cemetery
Hempfield Township, Mercer County, PA


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